Sunday, 30 August 2009

Poets in Performance

It was certainly a fun night on our first attempt at performing to the group. Of course, members have been sharing their writing by reading aloud at meetings since the group began. But to actively think of ourselves as "performers" marks another step in reaching a wider audience. Thanks for the motivational tips, Pam!

We want to involve and encourage women who are unable to make our meetings, as well as welcome a far wider readership to our work. If you know of local accessible venues holding open mics or happy to host an event - whether one-off or regular - please let us know.

Here is just a sample of our work. More videos to follow ...

Raise the roof, first of all, for Renee:

Now, note if Nicki nailed it:

Thanks for watching!


  1. Wowser, Nicki-- your writing gives me such a visual picture; I think it comes from your authenticity and choice of words.

    And holy cow! I nearly fell out of my chair when you read the words, 'dirty bitch'; it was so open and bold, realistic. Very enjoyable work.


  2. Great performance, thanks for their hard work.