Saturday, 5 September 2009


Hello kittens! I’d like to encourage those who participated in the making of the videos to provide the written poems they created. When I viewed the videos we have thus far, I had a desire to see them written and maybe learn how they came about.

I’ve included in this post the poem I read on video. The poem was the result of an exercise given us by Rock Chick Viv at our last monthly meeting. After drawing an unknown object from a bag, there was a task of writing something, anything within a five minute time limit. I pulled from the bag a metallic and plastic thing that confounded me. I had to ask for help with identifying what was the whistle part of a kettle! So, with whistle bit in hand and tea on my mind, I wrote the following:

I Love My Tea

You whistle at me
stealing my

I stroll in casually -
I can't give away
just how much
I want . . .
what you've got.

You go silent;
I slowly stir things up.
That special scent
wraps itself around me.

I sigh-
and burn my lips
upon that



  1. This is the most fantastically erotic poem, and I'm honoured to have been in the same room as the writer when it was first composed!

  2. That's great. I'm quite not good at writting poem.

    But it's not bad to appreciate others' poem.