Friday, 3 February 2012

All Our Hard Work . . .

On 28th February, Sapphist Writers is receiving recognition at the LGBT Celebration Evening at Nottingham Council House. We've been quiet on the blog for a while, but don't let that deceive you; Sapphist Writers have been very busy people.

Back in October, a number of us participated in Nottingham Ladyfest 2011, a fabulous spoken word event, and since then we've been working hard on an e-anthology of our work so far. The anthology contains short stories, poems, and pieces of flash fiction that were often born at our regular monthly meetings, every piece carefully crafted and inspiring.

I'm always amazed at the hard work people will put in together to see a project come to fruition. Even the cover picture was a collaborative effort - an evening spent with paper, paint, scissors and glue; a lesbian edition of Play School. The anthology (£3, all proceeds to Nottingham Women's Centre) will be launched at the celebration evening, and can be ordered in person on the night, or there will be a link to buy it online here at this very site from February 28th. The blog moderator will be posting more information very soon, but for the mean time I just want to sit back and wonder at this marvellous group of women and what we have achieved together.

I've read the anthology, of course, and it had me laughing, crying, sighing and soaring. I know women will thrill at hearing these diverse voices. We don't often get a chance to see ourselves reflected honestly; only packaged, processed, stylised versions of ourselves we don't recognise. This anthology, as well as raising money to secure a women's space for all our futures, will I hope be a breath of fresh air for our community.


  1. Looks brilliant. Can't wait to get a copy! And can't wait to get less busy so I can (finally) come along and meet you guys...

  2. Please can it be available in .txt format? Looking forward to it.

  3. We can definitely make the document available in text for those who need it that way, but it won't be as pretty :-) as a matter of interest, can you please let us know why you need a text file, and is there another way of us accommodating your needs without you losing all the formatting?

  4. I'm really excited about our anthology. It's lovely to have something "solid" as evidence of the wonderful diversity and creativity of our group...and it's very exciting to be able to share that with the world too. :)