Thursday, 8 October 2009

Where did that one go?

Aaaah, it's October and I think the world is caught up in that back to school rush of busyness that can make us forget to stop and be creative, silly, playful. That's why Sapphist Writers is here, a little gentle reminder to just write - don't save up your words for that Something Important you're going to write when you retire - write now, write free, write in fun, in play, and squander your words wherever you will.

I recently noticed a rather trivial piece of my writing pop up in QB and stopped for a second - was that really me, the women who edits and edits and never sends anything off, sending some casual little snippet out into the world without a thought? Yes, it is me, thanks to this writing network! Being brave enough to share even when I don't feel I've something mighty to say. Gosh, I might not even read through this post before putting it up . . .

Next meeting, all you wonderful discovered and undiscovered Sapphist Writers, is this coming Monday 12th October. Come and play!

1 comment:

  1. This is a good way to be yourself, isn't it?

    Everyone should have his own way to be himself, so life will become happy and colorful.