Monday, 12 October 2009

tonights meeting

Tonight we wrote on the theme of ‘favourites’ - music, colours or food. After a bit of a slow start where I tried (and failed) to find adequate words in praise of Hallelujah, as orgasmic as mashed potato or as lush as any shade of green, I tuned into the following words which I'm sharing with you exactly as written (scary!!). Karen x (Monday 12th Octobr 2009)

there are some things you want to feel, touch, say, do, hear, smell
and there are others that do all those things to you;
whether you want them to or not
things you feel were there at the beginning
things you hope will be there at the end
things that make you weep when you want to rage,
things that make you rage when you want to fall
that trip you up when you want to fly
and that shoot an arrow through your heart
when you soar beyond
letting the pain slip out of your breast
and float you down to earth
a feather at a time.
the lightest thing, the hardest thing, the wildest thing.
the heart aching yes,
the gut wrenching please
the take me with you when you go
and the no, the no, the no.
the wrapping round like a pashmina
the heaving up like coal sacks
the dragging back like trunks of forgotten pleasure
the sinking down, like dead weight to nowhere, returns to earth

Thank you Renee for tonights ideas and Jimmy Cliff for the associated feelings.


  1. Oh Karen. You swept us all away with the words and phrases you produced; what crushingly beautiful things come from your mind! I am honoured to have witnessed your creativity first hand. And you read very well, too. I think any trepidations you have there will soon fall away. You were lovely to share with the group--thank you, Karen.

  2. "float you down to earth, a feather at a time"... We had to be floated down from that poem, and it was from the way that you read it, like "the no, the no, the no"... mmmmmmm...yum!

  3. Very good, appreciate your work.

  4. Karen, your work is stunning, please share more of it with the world!

  5. Karen, you are a genius. Your words and phrases always set me thinking.