Sunday, 24 January 2010

Haven't we all been quiet

Sapphist Writers appear to have been in hibernation for the winter, but I assure you this is not so! We've been connecting beautifully in the real world and neglecting cyberspace. At the moment, all energy is going in to the Nottingham Rainbow Heritage Exhibition at the Broadway, starting February 23rd. More about this soon. Meanwhile, I just wanted to write my own little tribute to what has turned out to be the most magical coming-together of women.

Ode to Sapphist Writers

Some who show a tendency for linguistic contortions;
Some who give their lovelorn angst Shakespearean proportions.
We all get a kick with taking words and messing around,
Found ourselves hooked by a poem about a dressing gown.

Some readings kept us warmer when the women’s centre froze;
We shared our hearts so easily, and loved the words we chose,
Blushed and smiled and cried and laughed and nibbled on our biscuits,
Talked about the secret worlds that make us feel like misfits.

Their writing gives me goosebumps, their writing makes me pensive;
Sharing with such talent, then, should make me apprehensive
And yet I find their gentle warmth allows my pen to flow;
I share my thoughts, however small, in their accepting glow.

Okay, it's not really long enough or, for that matter, poetic enough, to be called an ode but I hope it brings a feeble smile to those who read it, in which case it was half an hour well spent!

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