Sunday, 19 July 2009

Accidental Meanings

I found Nicki's Jackie Kay exercise powerful, and was surprised how what started out almost as a nonsense poem began to touch on some deep stuff, as if something was freed by the necessity to experiment. Try it, it may take you to unexpected places!

Here, completely unedited, is what I came up with:

My words: feel fine mercy forgiveness silence whipped light hearts field song seven missed cherries stone feet lifting help geese flying buffeted rooted anthem dove soft


i feel fine
fine as goosefeathers
fine as crystal
singing, ringing

i feel light
light as whipped cream
weighed down with cherries
laden with their stone hearts

i feel missed
my soft feet unrooted
buffeted by
their lack of mercy

i feel seven
flying above my body
a dove lifting me
above the field of silence

i feel my song
into a broken anthem
reaching for words like forgiveness

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