Friday, 17 July 2009

As requested...

Here is the poem I wrote at last Monday's meeting... with a few amendments!

The words I selected from Jacqui Kay's work were:
trees, feets, mercy, bend, witness, field, song, others, bass, she, stone, feet, door, floor, wind, small, hour, roted, time, leave, dead, down, branches.

And this is what I did with them...

The wind winds around the trees,
branches bend down,
leaves fall, dead.

A small sapling pushes through
the litter, caught in time,
yielding to the hour.

She feels the song that others knew,
witnessing the bass notes
of wood and stone.

Now rooted in this place,
seeking the door to mercy
and more perhaps beyond,

feet welded to this field's
floor, always fixed
in time's relentless hold.

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